What is a SLE4442 card?

What is a SLE4442 card?
We use SLE4442 as a standard and low costing smartcard EEPROM memory alongwith 256 bytes always available for storage purpose and including irreversible write protection which is a good feature and programmable security code three byte.

  • The SLE4442 is a type of integrated circuit (IC) card, commonly known as a smart card. It belongs to the family of memory cards with a microcontroller chip embedded within it. These cards are widely used in various applications, such as identification, access control, payment systems, and more.
  • Specifically, the SLE4442 card is known for its security features. It typically contains a memory unit that can store data and information, and it also has security logic that protects the stored data. This security logic often includes password protection and the ability to lock and unlock the card’s memory to prevent unauthorized access or modification of stored information.
  • These cards are often used in scenarios where secure data storage and authentication are essential, such as in ID cards, healthcare cards, banking cards, and more. The SLE4442 is one of several types of smart cards available in the market, each with its own set of features and capabilities.
  • Smart cards like the SLE4442 serve as reliable and secure tools for various industries and applications that prioritize data security and controlled access.

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