What is a Fargo full color ribbon?
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What is a Fargo full color ribbon?

A Fargo full color ribbon is a printing consumable used in Fargo card printers to produce high quality, vibrant, and detailed prints on plastic cards. It typically contains multiple color panels arranged in a specific sequence for full-color printing.

The panels commonly found in a Fargo full color ribbon include:

  • Yellow (Y): Provides the yellow color component.
  • Magenta (M): Adds the magenta color component.
  • Cyan (C): Contributes the cyan color component.
  • Black (K): Often used for text and fine details, enhancing image depth.

These color panels work together, combining in various proportions to create a wide spectrum of colors and shades, resulting in vivid and detailed images or text on the cards.

Some Fargo full-color ribbons also include an overlay (O) panel. This clear overlay adds a protective layer over the printed surface, offering resistance to fading, scratches, and general wear and tear, thereby extending the longevity of the printed cards.


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