What is omniKey 3021 reader?
Omnikey 5427 CK Contactless Reader

What is Omnikey 3021?

The Omnikey 3021 reader is like Omnikey contact chip readers which is the product of HID Global. The 1021 USB Desktop smart card reader is always exists in a small form factor for both mobile and desktop computer usage.

The Omnikey 3021 is a compact and portable smart card reader that connects to a computer or other devices via USB. It is mostly used in environments where secure authentication is essential, such as in government, healthcare, finance, and other industries that require controlled access to information or physical locations.

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What is the Omnikey 3121 USB card reader?

The reader for OMNIKEY 3121 is designed to install USB card reader feasible for all contact smart card operations such as banking online / digital signature applications. The OMNIKEY 3121 USB Reader functions on the Luminism Developer Center. Also with express Card, including the family of OMNIKEY Smart Card Reader.

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