Difference between RFID card and HID Card
What is the difference between RFID and HID?

What is the difference between RFID card and HID Card?

  • HID Proximity cards represents a specific type of RFID technology that has been developed and manufactured by HID Global whereas
  • RFID refers to a broad range of RFID technologies which has been used for a variety of purposes.

What is RFID card format?

  • It is commonly classify into three kinds that are Mifare, EM Proximity and HID. Rather than magnetic stripe cards, contactless card which allow us to tap / put near the card reader for a moment to enable the identification of card number.
  • Typically, difference between RFID card and HID Card is RFID card can easily read the card a distance about 5 to 10 cm range.
  • Card Number or UID (Unique Identifier): A unique identifier number is assigned to every RFID card and serves as a distinctive reference for the card.
  • Facility Code: In some certain RFID card formats, A facility code is also used to identify the specific facility with organization associated with the RFID card.

EM Proximity and HID


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