HID Card Printer
hid card printer

Fargo part of HID Global is a company known for its expertise in secure identity solutions, including card printers. hid card printer are widely used for creating and personalizing various types of identification cards, access cards, membership cards, and more. These printers offer several features and capabilities:

  • Printing Technology: HID card printers use various printing technologies such as dye-sublimation, direct-to-card (DTC) printing, or retransfer printing to produce high-quality, durable cards.
  • Card Customization: They allow for customization of cards with options for full-color printing, monochrome printing, adding photos, text, barcodes, and other personalized information.
  • Security Features: HID printers often come equipped with security features like holographic overlays, UV printing, and encoding options to enhance the security of the printed cards, preventing counterfeiting and unauthorized duplication.
  • Ease of Use: Many HID card printers come with user-friendly interfaces and software for easy design and printing of cards. They offer options for batch printing and various card encoding capabilities.
  • Integration: These hid card printer Iis often designed to integrate seamlessly with other access control systems, card management software, and databases, allowing for efficient card issuance and management.

HID Global provides a range of card printer models catering to different needs, from small-scale card issuance to enterprise-level card printing solutions, ensuring flexibility and security in identity card production.


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