What is the meaning of HID card?

What is the meaning of HID card?

The HID card provides a comprehensive solution for secure smart card IDs and credentials in logical access control, as well as integrated solutions for building and computer access, transit payment, cashless vending, biometrics, and various other applications.

Similar to RFID cards and proximity, the HID card also very simply ID card that follows the technology of proximity.
Human Interface Device i.e HID, example of these cards are RFID cards and smart cards that use mostly for access control and other functions just like other functions like public staff/employee and transportation ID.

HID offers a wide variety of smart card-based credentials, including cards, tags, and key fobs, making it the industry leader in this field. In addition to these products, HID also provides non-technology IDs, single technology, multi-technology, and contact chip based smart cards.


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