What is a card printer used for?
What is a card printer used for?

What is a card printer used for?

A card printer is a device designed to print information, images, and barcodes onto plastic cards. These printers are commonly used to produce various types of cards, including:

  • Identification Cards: Such as student IDs, employee ID cards and membership cards.
  • Access Control Cards: We can use for granting access to secure areas or buildings.
  • Payment Cards: Like credit or debit cards.
  • Gift Cards: Issued by businesses for customer loyalty or as presents.
  • Event Badges: For festivals, conferences and conventions.
  • Healthcare Cards: health insurance cards, Patient IDs etc.

Card printers use specialized technology to print directly onto the plastic card surface, allowing for customization, security features such as holograms or UV printing, and variable data printing unique information on each card.


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