Consumables for HDP®

Consumables for HDP®

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Precision-engineered HDP ribbons, HDP film, and overlaminates maximize the performance of your HID FARGO HDP printers for secure, durable, and sharp-looking cards and IDs.

  • HDP Ribbons and HDP Film: High Definition Printing® (HDP) ribbons and HDP Film combine to produce durable and tamper-resistant cards with crisp 600 dpi or 300 dpi images – even on the surface of technology cards. High Durable HDP Film option offers enhanced abrasion resistance for longer life cards.
  • Thermal Transfer and PolyGuard™ Overlaminates: Applying an overlaminate to your cards not only improves card durability and longevity; with an optional holographic design, overlaminates can also significantly increase card security. Overlaminates with standard or custom holograms create an ID card that is difficult to forge, yet easy to verify.
  • PolyGuard LMX Overlaminates: Utilizing HID Global’s new wasteless PolyGuard LMX overlaminates designed exclusively for the HDP6600 and DTC5500LMX, you can lower consumables costs by up to 40% while still getting the highest level of card coverage protection in the industry. From creating photo IDs and government credentials, to gift and loyalty cards, the HDP6600’s patch placement consistency, and rounded laminate corners ensure sharp, professional-looking cards every time.