DTC5500LMX Card Printer and Laminator

DTC5500LMX Card Printer and Laminator

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This cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting printing and lamination solution is designed for high-volume tasks.
Designed for high-volume printing of secure ID cards, badges, student and plastic PVC cards.


  • Side Printing: Dual side printing is the standard option for printing.
  • Side Lamination: The standard LMX system is dual and efficient in minimizing waste.
  • Print Method: Dye-sublimation and resin thermal transfer are two common printing methods.
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Print Speed: 16 seconds per card / 225 cards per hour (YMCKO)
  • Included Software: The FARGO Workbench™ software provides printer maintenance and diagnostic features, along with Color Assist spot-color matching capabilities.
  • Card Capacity: 200 card input (dual input card hopper standard), 100 card output
  • Accepted Cards: CR-80, 30-40 mil
  • Warranty: Three years

Online printer registration: Three years warranty and standard warranty: Two years warranty

Printer Options:

Options for the printer can be customized.

  • Securing the card input/output hopper and ribbon drawer
  • Modules for encoding smart cards (for both contact/contactless)
  • Encoding module for magnetic stripes
  • Printer maintenance kit
  • Proprietary consumables system with enhanced security measures

The HID FARGO DTC5500LMX Card Printer and Laminator is an ID card printer manufactured by HID Global. A firm that focuses on providing secure identity solutions. This printer has been specifically designed to cater to the printing needs of a large number of secure ID cards, badges, and other PVC plastic cards. The advanced features of customization are included security, and durability.

Key Features:

  • High printing speed
  • Lamination adds an extra layer of protection to the ID cards. It makes them more durable and resistant to wear, fading, and tampering.
  • It supports high resolution printing. This enables the creation of detailed and crisp images, text, and barcodes on the ID cards.
  • Modular Design: The HID FARGO DTC5500LMX  has a modular designed which allow users to customize the printer with additional features based on their specific requirements.
  • Security Features: The HID FARGO DTC5500LMX Card Printer and Laminator HID Global products often include various security features.

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