Fargo HDP Retransfer Film 084053

Fargo HDP Retransfer Film 084053

The Fargo HDP Retransfer Film 084053 is used for printing cards with HID FARGO HDP5000 printers. HDP printers print card image to the underside of HDP clear transfer film. The film is then applied to the surface of the card, best for the image between the film and the card.

  • Fargo film ribbon for Fargo HDP5000
  • Print : 1500 images single sided


  • Retransfer film prints 1500 images per roll single side and 750 double side
  • Use with Fargo HDP5000 ID Card Printer
  • Part number 78220 genuine HID Fargo
  • Fargo 084053 HDP Retransfer Film is high capacity
  • Compatible with HDP5000 / HDPii Card Printers
  • High-Capacity: The Fargo 84053 HDP retransfer film offers up to 1,500 prints, enhancing productivity




HDP card printers require specialized Fargo film to function properly to maximize printed card quality and printer durability. This roll always has 1500 prints on single side and dual sided printing of  750 cards approximately.

It is a product of Fargo for printing of  and a brand known for manufacturing ID card printers and related accessories. The Fargo HDP Retransfer Film 084053 is typically used in Fargo HDP series ID card printers for producing high-quality, durable, and tamper-resistant ID cards.

Fargo retransfer film 84053  which is in stock and ready to delivery everyday except Sunday. It is compatible with the Fargo HDP5000 card printer for high quality printing of ID cards. Also authorized Fargo dealers or suppliers for specific details about this product, including availability, pricing, and compatibility with your Fargo ID card printer model.

Fargo HDP Retransfer film original
  • Optimal card quality and recommended for Fargo HDP card printers
  • Retransfer Printing: Essential for Fargo’s high definition printing process, ensuring clear, vibrant, and durable card designs.


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