Fargo Printer Ribbon Price

Fargo Printer Ribbon Price

A printer ribbon is a consumable component used in card printers to produce high-quality prints on plastic cards. These ribbons with low cost are designed for various printing technologies employed by card printers, including dye-sublimation, thermal transfer, or a combination of both and low price product.

Label Printer Ribbons Price in Lahore

Label Printer

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Label Printer Ribbons Minimum Price Rs 220 Rs 221
Label Printer Ribbons Average Price Rs 1895 Rs 1897
Label Printer Ribbons Maximum Price Rs 10510 Rs 10521

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Features of printer ribbon:

  • Dye-Sublimation Ribbons:
    • Used in dye-sublimation card printers, these ribbons typically contain panels of color (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, and Black) and a clear overlay. During the printing process, the printer applies heat to transfer the dye onto the card, resulting in vibrant and durable full color prints.
  • Thermal Transfer Ribbons:
    • These are used in thermal transfer card printers are typically have a single color panel (e.g., black) or multiple color panels. The printer uses heat to transfer the ink from the ribbon to the card, creating monochrome or color prints, depending on the ribbon configuration.
  • Monochrome Ribbons:
    • Monochrome ribbons are designed for printing single color images or text on cards. These are often used for basic identification cards or for printing variable data such as names and serial numbers. The price of these ribbons are very low and affordable.
  • YMCK Ribbons:
    • YMCK ribbons are most commonly used for printing of full color printing. They are always contain with group of Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, and Black panels, along with a clear overlay. These type of ribbons are best suitable for producing high quality, full color prints along with a protective layer on the card.
  • Overlay and Topcoat:
    • Most of these ribbons include an overlay or topcoat panel, which adds a protective layer to the printed cards. This layer enhances durability, provides resistance to fading and scratches, and helps prevent tampering.
  • Retransfer Ribbons:
    • In retransfer card printers, a different type of printer ribbon called a retransfer ribbon is used. This ribbon transfers the image first onto a clear film, which is then fused onto the card surface, allowing for edge-to-edge printing.
  • UV Printing Ribbons:
    • Designed for ultraviolet (UV) printing, enabling the addition of invisible security features visible only under UV light.
  • Encoding Options:
    • There are certain ribbons come with the option of  built-in encoding for magnetic stripes, smart cards, or RFID technology. It allows integration of additional functionalities into the cards.

It is good to use the suitable ribbon for specific card printer model and application to achieve best print quality and card durability.


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