HID Element Industrial ID and Financial Card Personalization

HID Element Industrial ID and Financial Card Personalization

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The HID ELEMENT UV Ink Printer System is designed specifically for large government ID card programs, financial institutions, enterprise organizations, and service bureaus, offering customizable features, high output capacity, and various encoding options to cater to high-volume ID and financial card personalization requirements. This desktop-based printer is robust and reliable for industrial use.


  • Dual side printing standard
  • Use UV cured inkjet printing technology
  • There are upto six printer ink channels
  • The resolution reaches a maximum of 600 dpi x 1200 dpi (23.6 dots/mm x 47.2 dots/mm).
  • Fast printing speed which is up to 300 single sided cards per hour
  • The best accepted card size is CR-80, PVC and composite (PET/PVC with PVC as an outer layer), laminated PVC (credit card construction), polycarbonate (PC), laserable PVC
  • 400 cards (.030″ / .762mm thick) per input hopper can increase to 1600 cards
  • Printer module and printheads warranty is for 12 months


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HID Global is a reputable company known for its expertise in secure identity solutions, including HID ELEMENT Industrial ID and Financial Card Personalization. They provide technologies for creating and managing secure identities, offering a range of solutions for various industries.

For industrial ID, HID offers products and services that enable secure identification and access control for employees, visitors, and contractors within industrial settings. This might include ID cards, badges, access control systems, and other solutions designed to enhance security and streamline access management.

HID ELEMENT Industrial ID and Financial Card Personalization.

Their offerings may include advanced printing technologies, encoding features, secure data handling, and integration capabilities tailored to the specific needs of industrial and financial institutions.

  • Preprinted Smart Cards: The HID fargo provides contactless smart cards. These are embedded with technologies like RFID or NFC.
  • Card Printers: They offer card printing solutions that enable the customization of cards. It includes logos, text, images, and variable data that ensuring a best professional design.
  • Software: The HID provides software for card designs and printing guidelines.
  • Secure Encoding: The HID incorporates encryption and secure encoding methodologies to protect sensitive information stored on these cards.

In terms of financial card personalization, HID might work with financial institutions or card issuers to produce secure payment cards. These cards usually involve additional security measures such as EMV chips for secure transactions.
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The HID solutions always focus on security, customization, and compliance with industry standards. This  provides best reliable industrial ID and financial card personalization services.