HID Fargo c50 Card Printer

HID Fargo c50 Card Printer

HID® FARGO® C50 ID Card Printer

Simple, Reliable, Affordable Direct-to-Card Solution

  • Simple:   Begin printing cards in minutes
  • Affordable:   Get the hardware, ribbons and support you need in a single, cost effective package
  • Reliable:   Experience superior performance and unrivaled quality from the leading brand in card issuance
  • Unsurpassed Customer Support and Care:  From ordering to installation, users receive outstanding and ongoing product support the minute they open the box

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The HID Fargo C50 is a popular entry-level card printer designed for small to medium sized businesses, educational institutions, and organizations requiring on demand id card printing. Some most important key features and functionalities of the HID Fargo C50 printer are as under:

  • Technology of Printing : The C50 typically uses dye-sublimation and thermal transfer printing technologies to create high-quality, full-color, and single-color cards. It can produce edge-to-edge printing, enabling vibrant and detailed id card designs.
  • Printing Speed: It offers relatively efficient printing speeds for its class, also capable of producing around 7 seconds per full color card (YMC) and 27 seconds per resin black (K) card.
  • Ease of Use: It is designed for user-friendly operation and often comes with easy-to-use features like a plug-and-play setup, an intuitive interface, and simple card-loading mechanisms.
  • Software Compatibility: It often works with HID Fargo software which allowing users to design and encode cards, manage cardholder databases, and also control printing processes.
  • Security Features: While it might not have advanced security features, it can include options for UV printing, which provides some level of card security against counterfeiting.
  • Connectivity: HID Fargo c50 Card Printer most commonly offers USB connectivity and can be easily connected to a computer for all printing purposes.


The HID Fargo C50 is a reliable choice for basic card printing needs, offering decent printing quality and ease of use at an affordable price point. It’s suitable for smaller-scale operations that require moderate card printing volumes and straightforward functionality.


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