HID Fargo Card Printers

HID Fargo Card Printers

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AITS sell ID card and badge printers supply with a best features and functions. These printers perfectly match with security requirements, printing volume, and charming preferences.


HID FARGO® DTC1500 ID Card Printer & Encoder

Cost-effective, Versatile, Secure Card Printing







HID FARGO HDPii Plus ID Card Printer & Encoder
HDP5000 Card Printer

HID ELEMENT Industrial ID and Financial Card Personalization


  • Corporate ID
  • National ID
  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Government/Military
  • State & Local Government
  • Transportation
  • Casinos
  • Health Care
  • Universities


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HID Fargo is a famous company known for its expertise in producing secure identity solutions and card printers. Fargo card printers are widely used for producing high quality ID cards, badges, and access cards. These printers are known for their reliability, durability, and advanced features. Here are some key aspects associated with HID Fargo card printers:

  • Card Printing Technology:

    • HID Fargo Card Printers use various printing technologies like direct-to-card (DTC) and high definition printing (HDP). DTC technology is most commonly used for standard plastic cards and HDP is known for producing high-resolution, edge-to-edge cards.
  • Printing Features:

    • Fargo card printers provide different printing capabilities such as single-sided or dual-sided printing, monochrome or full-color printing. The options of magnetic stripe encoding, integration of smart cards, or utilization of RFID technology are all available.
  • Card Security:

    • Security features are often integrated into HID Fargo printers to ensure the production of secure identification cards. This includes options for holographic overlays, UV printing, and other anti-counterfeiting measures.
  • Connectivity and Integration:

    • HID Fargo Card Printers typically come with various connectivity options, including USB and Ethernet, making it easy to integrate them into existing network systems. They are often compatible with ID card software and can be part of larger access control systems.
  • Card Encoding:

    • Most of Fargo printers support card encoding options, allowing for the incorporation of data onto the card’s magnetic stripe or smart card chip. This is useful for access control, time and attendance tracking, and other applications.
  • Card Printer Models:

    • HID Fargo offers a range of card printer models to cater to different requirements. Models may vary in terms of printing speed, capacity, and additional features.
  • User-Friendly Interface:

    • Fargo card printers typically have user-friendly interfaces, making them accessible for users with varying levels of technical expertise. They often come with intuitive software for designing and printing ID cards.