HID Fargo DTC4500E Card Printer

HID Fargo DTC4500E Card Printer

The HID FARGO DTC4500e Direct-to-Card printer/encoder is the number one choice for fast, high-capacity card printing and encoding of highly secure credentials. Choose custom overlaminates to create full-color cards that are virtually forgery resistant.


  • Corporate ID
  • National ID
  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Government/Military
  • State & Local Government
  • Health Care
  • Universities
  • Events


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The HID Fargo DTC4500E Card Printer is a known for its reliability and high-quality printing capabilities. It’s used for printing various types of cards, including ID badges, access cards, membership cards, and more. This printer supports both single sided and dual sided printing, offering options for customization and security features like encoding magnetic stripes or smart cards.

Consumables and accessories for the HID Fargo DTC4500E card printer typically include:

  • Ribbons: These are used to print images and text onto the cards. Fargo offers ribbons with various color panels (such as YMCKO – Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black, and Overlay) for full-color printing.
  • Cleaning Kits: Cleaning kits designed is always best for the DTC4500E help users to clean printheads and remove dust or debris from the printer’s interior.
  • Cards: Compatible blank cards are necessary for printing. Fargo provides various types of cards, including PVC cards of different thicknesses and materials suitable for different purposes.
  • Encoding Modules: For additional security or functionality, encoding modules can be added to the printer for encoding magnetic stripes, smart cards, or proximity cards.
  • Lamination Modules: Some models support optional lamination modules for adding an extra layer of protection to printed cards, enhancing durability and security.

In order to guarantee compatibility and maximize performance, it is recommended to utilize authentic HID Fargo consumables specifically created for the DTC4500E model. These consumables are available through authorized Fargo resellers, distributors.

We sell genuine parts of branded HID Fargo ribbons, cleaning kits, cards, or any additional modules of DTC4500E card printer.




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