HID Fargo UltraCard Premium

HID Fargo UltraCard Premium

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UltraCard Premium is the preferred card for High Definition Printing (HDP®) applications. The affordable and extremely durable UltraCard Premium is the non-technology card of choice for the Fargo HDP5000 and other Direct-to-Card (DTC®) applications that require a higher quality card.

Key Features

  • Clean, glossy dye receptive surface
  • Polyester composite construction
  • Ideal with fluorescent printing applications
  • Innovative delamination resistant construction

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The HID Fargo UltraCard Premium is a high-quality, composite card used for various identification purposes like employee badges, access control, and membership cards. Known for its durability and print quality, it offers a smooth surface for high-resolution printing and is compatible with most card printers. Its composite construction makes it more robust than standard PVC cards, reducing the risk of cracking and bending, which enhances its longevity for long-term use.

It is mostly typically used for ID badges, access control cards, and other similar applications. Due to durability and good capability to produce high-resolution images and vibrant colors when printed. The UltraCard Premium is also compatible with various card printers and is designed to provide a smooth surface for optimal printing quality. Its construction typically involves a composite material that enhances durability compared to standard PVC cards, making it more resistant to bending and wear over time.

The HID Fargo UltraCard Premium is perfect cards for student, employees and security staff.