HID UltraCard PVC Card

HID UltraCard PVC Card

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The UltraCard standard is non technology cards. These cards are 100% PVC with medium-durability. These cards are ideal for color photo identification, gift giving, and loyalty programs.

These cards are compatible with HID inkjet and with DTC printer. The UltraCard PVC cards are made ensure clean, scratch free, high-quality prints. This also increase the life of printhead.

The best features of these ultra cards are:

  • These are 100% PVC construction with medium durability
  • Very clean, glossy and dye receptive surface
  • These cards are available in a different sizes, thicknesses and configurations
  • These cards are suitable for most applications
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The high quality PVC cards designed for full color photo ID, gift, and loyalty cards with medium durability. HID PVC Ultracard is a proximity card that mostly used for access control systems. HID Global is the main company which specializes in secure identity solutions. It includes various types of access cards. The HID Ultra Card typically operates on a frequency of 125 kHz and is used to grant or restrict access to certain areas or resources within a facility.

This hid pvc ultracard contain embedded information. These information can be read by card readers. It allows users to gain entry by simply holding the card near the card reader. These id cards are commonly used in office buildings, government facilities, hospitals, schools and other environments where secure access control is important.



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