Pre-Printed Membership Cards

Pre-Printed Membership Cards

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They are personalized with names and account numbers and sometimes ID photos. Most membership cards have either a vertical or horizontal slot for attaching the Membership Card to a lanyard, or clip device.

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Pre-printed membership cards are cards that have been printed with certain information before being distributed to members¬† contain details such as the member’s name, membership ID, expiration date, and possibly other relevant information. We use high quality HID Fargo printers for printing these cards.

Key points

  • Membership Information:

    • Name: The member’s full name is usually printed on the card.
    • Membership ID: A unique identifier assigned to each member for easy tracking and identification.
    • Expiration Date: If the membership has a limited duration, the card may include an expiration date.
  • Design and Branding:

    • Logo: The organization’s logo is often featured on the card for branding purposes.
    • Color and Design: The overall design may reflect the organization’s brand colors and visual identity.

Security Features:

  • Barcodes or QR Codes: These may be included for quick scanning and data retrieval.
  • Holograms or Watermarks: Security features to prevent counterfeiting.
  • Membership Benefits:
    • Some cards may list the benefits or privileges associated with the membership.
  • Personalization:
    • Personalized cards provide a sense of exclusivity and can include additional information specific to the member.
  • Membership Renewal:
    • In cases where memberships need to be renewed, the card may provide information on how to do so.
  • Data Management:
    • Information on the cards should be managed securely to protect members’ privacy.
  • Cost and Production:
    • Pre-printed cards are typically produced in bulk, which can reduce the cost per card compared to individually printed cards.
  • Customization Options:
    • Organizations may offer different card designs or customization options for members to choose from.
  • Environmental Considerations:
    • As with any printed materials, organizations may consider environmentally friendly options, such as using recycled materials or offering digital membership cards.


  • Cards may be distributed through mail, in-person at the organization’s facilities, or through designated outlets.

Before opting for pre-printed membership cards, organizations should consider factors such as their budget, the expected lifespan of the cards, and the ease of updating information. Additionally, advancements in technology have led to digital membership cards and mobile apps as alternative options for membership management.