HID Crescendo Cards

HID Crescendo Cards

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Unlock doors, data and your business applications with HID Crescendo

The HID Crescendo range offers a unified credential that ensures both convenient and secure authentication for all IT resources and physical workspaces.


HID Crescendo Key™ Series

Security keys for strong multi-factor and passwordless authentication with support for FIDO, PKI and OATH

crescendo key

The Crescendo Key benefits include:

  • Seamless compliance while protecting networks, computers and applications with strong authentication.
  • Digital signature, enabling users to verify the provenance of emails and documents.
  • Data encryption, allowing only authorized users to access sensitive information.
  • A convenient and unobtrusive form factor that complements small laptops and tablets and doesn’t require additional reader hardware.


HID Crescendo Smart Card Series

High security authentication smart card with support for FIDO, PKI, OATH and physical access technologies

Crescendo provides organizations with seamless and secure employee authentication, ensuring that only authorized people can access sensitive information. Crescendo smart cards can be used as a corporate badge that protects access to both facilities and digital enterprise resources. Designed to be easy and fast to deploy, Crescendo smart cards are FIDO2 certified and support proven standards such as PIV and PKI, enabling organizations to adopt Zero Trust security approach that evolves with security standards, technologies and industry regulations.


C1150 Series


Out-of-box smart card for converged access (logical and physical access control) for immediate deployments with Microsoft mini-driver based applications as well as HID’s Active Identity products.




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