HID Fargo UltraCard PC

HID Fargo UltraCard PC

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HID UltraCard PC is the ideal card for use with reverse transfer, laser engraving printers. Made of a 100% polycarbonate construction, UltraCard PC cards are fully compatible with laser engraving, which can be used to add a secure, counterfeit resistant, and tamper-evident layer of security to your card personalization. UltraCard PC cards are highly durable and offer a longer expected card life than other common card types like PVC or PVC/PET composite.

Key Features

  • Clean, glossy surface
  • Compatible with fluorescent printing applications
  • Compatible with laser engraving
  • Durable, delamination resistant card construction

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The HID Fargo UltraCard PC is a durable card and high quality designed for various printing requirements  especially in the realm of identification and access control solutions. It is known for its reliability in producing professional grade printed cards used in various industries, including corporate, education, healthcare and government sectors.

The HID UltraCard PC typically offers:

  • Durability: It is designed to withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring that the printed cards maintain their quality over time.
  • Compatibility: These cards are usually compatible with most direct-to-card and retransfer card printers, providing flexibility in printing options.
  • Print Quality: HID UltraCard PC often deliver excellent print quality. It allows sharp and clear text, images, and barcodes, important for identification purposes.
  • Versatility: UltraCard PC comes in various formats, including standard PVC cards, composite cards, and technology specific cards like proximity or smart cards to manage to diverse identification needs.
  • Security Features: Some versions of the HID Fargo UltraCard PC might come with embedded security features, enhancing the overall security of the printed cards.
  • HID Fargo UltraCard PC:  It is designed for use in ID card printers and security identification cards. These cards are known for their durability, quality. It also has the ability to produce high resolution images and text.
  • Typically: The UltraCard offers options for various card thicknesses, including standard, thin, and adhesive backed cards. These manage different printer models and card requirements.
  • Mostly  used in environments when security and durability are very vital, such as corporate offices, government institutions, and educational facilities.

These kind of cards are mostly need by organizations seeking reliable, high quality cards for their identification and access control systems.