Plain Card HID Fargo

Plain Card HID Fargo

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High-quality PVC Cards suitable for full-color photo ID, gift, and loyalty cards with medium durability.

Key Features:

  • 100% PVC construction, medium durability
  • Clean, glossy, dye-receptive surface
  • Available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and configurations
    • CR-80 30 mil PVC cards with or without magstripe
    • CR-79 or CR-80 10 mil PVC cards available standard or adhesive-backed


  • CR-80 (3.375˝L x 2.125˝W / 85.6 mm L x 54 mm W)
  • CR-79* standard or adhesive back (3.313˝L x 2.063˝W / 84.1 mm L x 52.4 mm W

Card Construction:

  • 100% PVC

Available configurations:

  • CR-80 30 mil standard
  • CR-80 30 mil with low-coercivity (300 Oe) magnetic stripe
  • CR-80 30 mil with high-coercivity (2750 Oe) magnetic stripe
  • CR-80 10 mil standard
  • CR-80 10 mil adhesive Mylar®-backed
  • CR-80 10 mil adhesive paper-backed
  • CR-79* 10 mil adhesive Mylar-backed
  • CR-79* 10 mil adhesive paper-backed

Printing compatibility:

  • Direct to Card
  • HID Fargo Ink1000 solvent inkjet
  • HID Element UV-cured inkjet


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Plain Card HID Fargo

The HID Fargo brand manufactures a range of ID card printers, including the Fargo DTC line and others. The term “Plain Card HID Fargo” might refer to a blank PVC card compatible with HID Fargo printers. These blank cards are used for printing various types of identification, access, or membership cards using Fargo printers equipped with encoding and printing capabilities. If you have specific questions about these cards or Fargo printers, feel free to ask!

Blank cards are utilized for the purpose of printing a wide range of identification, access, or membership cards by employing Fargo printers that are equipped with encoding and printing functionalities.

The construction of this product is entirely made of PVC, ensuring a medium level of durability.