What is a Fargo printer?

Fargo by HID is manufacture of high quality, reliable, durable. There identification card printers are user friendly and widely use these days These are highly scaled for a variety of printing applications from basic, low volume ID issuance to large number of highly secured ID cards.

How do I fix my printer ID card?
Troubleshooting Tips for ID Card Printer Issues
Run a printer cleaning.
Calibrate the ribbon sensors.
Fan the cards.
Use the correct power supply.
Replace the film in your retransfer printer.

Who manufactures Fargo printers?
Fargo Card Printers
Fargo’s name is synonymous with quality, reliability and performance – even more so now that Fargo has become an HID Global company.

Where are Fargo printers manufactured?
Fargo ID printers are manufactured by HID Global, an Irving, California-based leader in the ID printing technology.

What is ID card printing?
We have two main types of ID printing styles, first is direct-to-card (or dye-sublimation) and second is reverse transfer. Direct-to-card printers transfer dye directly onto blank cards whereas Reverse transfer ID card printers print the design onto a film and then it transfer that image onto blank cards.



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