What is HID Fargo card printer?
HID FARGO Card printer dtc 12502

HID Fargo specializes in providing secure identity solutions and card issuance systems. Fargo is brand of HID and particularly known for its card printers and encoding technologies. It is offering a wide range of products designed for the printing and personalization of identification cards, access cards, smart cards, and alternative forms of secure authentication.

HID Fargo card printers are widely used in various industries, including corporate, government, healthcare, education where secure identification and access control are essential.

It provides comprehensive identity and access management solutions, including technology for secure issuance, management, and authentication of identity credentials. These card printers can produce high quality, durable student id cards, employees id cards, membership cards, access control cards and visitors cards with various security features.

HID Fargo brand provides a selection of dependable card printers that offer direct-to-card (DTC) printing functionality at various price points. These options include the budget friendly Fargo DTC1500 Dual Side Printer, HDP5000 Card PrinterHID Fargo c50 Card Printer. model.



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